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Retro Is The New Vintage.....

Show Us What You Got

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- What is so_retro -

Do you like going to flea markets, vintage or thrift stores?

Have you ever been really excited about a find and everyone around you doesn't seem to care. If so join us here at so_retro.

Here you can brag about your find to people who care. Clothing, jewelry, books, furniture, cookware, records, toys, ect. We want to see it all.

- Rules -

1) Once you join promote the community by posting a link in your journal, a friends journal or any other place you so wish.
2) Be witty not rude. Pure meanness will not be tolerated.
3) When posting more then 1 picture use lj-cut.

- Don't be afraid to -

1) Ask questions if you don't know what something is.
2) Post pictures of yourself and your finds.
3) Promote related communities.

- When you join fill out this form so we can get to know you better -

What do you collect?
Favorite Find:
Latest Find:
What is your favorite flea market/vintage or thrift store?
What is your favorite decade?
What is a good retro related web site?
How did you find us?
Were did you promote us?

And a picture or 2 would be nice.......

- When Promoting Feel Free To Use These Invites -